Volunteer Opportunities at Morgan Lake

Clean Up Days

A "Scavenger Hunt for Litter" clean up is held once a month April-October at Morgan Lake. Volunteer as an individual or group to help remove litter from the park and lake.  

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Storytime by the Lake Event Volunteers

A free, children's story book and game hour is held once a month July-October at Morgan Lake. Volunteer opportunities include:

  1. Greeting attendees at the sign-in table  
  2. Set up of games and activities
  3. Leadership of games and activities
  4. Reading story books

Event Planning Committee

Starting April 2013, we plan to hold 1, 2, and/or 3 events each month at Morgan Lake. Events include clean up days and activities in honor of a National, environment-related "Day" (i.e. National Get Outdoors Day in June). To effectively and efficiently organize these events, an Event Planning Committee will be formed. Responsibilities include:
  1. Recruit event participants and vendors
  2. Brainstorm activities and games
  3. Brainstorm potential sponsors
  4. Brainstorm potential media outlets that may want to cover the event
  5. Determine materials needed for event (i.e. how many tables are needed, etc.)
  6. Flyer design
  7. Hand-out design
  8. Event promotion through social media and hanging paper flyers.

Questions about Morgan Lake volunteer opportunities? Contact Joclyn Wallace, Volunteer Coordinator, at morganlakepoughkeepsie@gmail.com or (845) 418-0016.

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